Wednesday, 10 November 2010

They should have trashed the LibDem offices.

The LibDems, not the Tories, are the real villains.

If anything, the Tories deserve respect for being true to their class-war credentials. They detest the working-class, and they’re not afraid to show it, e.g. hiking tuition fees beyond the reach of the contemptible masses.

The LibDems, though, have revealed themselves to be pure prostitutes at heart, selling any pretence of principle for the privilege of being able to forage on crumbs (e.g. condescending artificial – but, crucially, well-remunerated – posts, e.g. ‘Deputy Prime Minister’, ‘Businsess Secretary’) falling from the Tories’ high table of power.

The LibDems really are a grubby, repugnant bunch, more sickening even than Blair and his sincerity.

The Tories, at heart, have absolutely no problem with the protestors’ actions today. They believe in class-war, and they will find it invigorating to see the battle-lines being clarified like this. They can now exploit this as an excuse to really let the police off the leash.

However, the LibDems, at heart, believe in nothing and, at heart, are cowards. If their offices had been trashed, then, in stark contrast to the Tories, shivers would have coursed through their bodies, looking for a spine to run down.

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