Thursday, 9 December 2010

Report from the frontline

Report from the frontline

(Well, 'frontline' is rather an inflation of the reality, which was that I simply spent half an hour in Trafalgar Square – rather than a week in, say, Gaza, Helmand, Falluja or any other genuine frontline.)

There were very many students protesting about the LibCon attack on higher education.

Here are some of the banners that appealed to me …

I liked this one for the way it reflected young people’s affection for this time of year (“All I want for Xmas is REVOLUTION”):

I liked this one for the way it reflected the text-generation’s gift for brevity (“F**k Fees”):

I liked this one for its succinct summary of Nick Clegg’s character (“Liar. Thief. Judas.”):

By now I was feeling quite chilly, so I decided to look for the police’s ‘kettle’ area. I naturally assumed that that would be where they were serving tea and coffee. I thought this might be the kettle area:

… but I couldn’t see any serving booths that might house kettles.

I was very disappointed when an activist explained to me that a kettle area had nothing to do with hot beverages, but was a tactic whereby the police sought to emulate the practices of police forces in South American dictatorships.

That’s all for now, readers.

Rippon Gupta for Channel Rippon News, signing off ‘til next time!

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