Saturday, 5 February 2011

Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood, The West's hypocrisy

With Egypt on the verge of potential revolution, many on the right (of the political spectrum) are talking up the dangers of radical Islamist forces, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stepping into the power vacuum left by Mubarak's odious regime.

Even assuming that the Muslim Brotherhood is a significant factor, then 'concern' about them simply points to more western hypocrisy.

Haven't finished reading it yet, but my understanding from historian Mark Curtis' 'Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam' is that we have never had an ethical problem with radical Islamists, including the MB – happy to collude whenever it served UK interests. The West has never given a damn about human rights – that’s just sweet talk to cosmetically hide the face of ugly motives.

Now, Melanie Phillips (on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’) warned about the MB's past collusion with the Nazis. But by that logic, we ought to be severing relations with America, whose corporations (e.g. IBM, GM, Ford) and government certainly colluded a great deal with the Nazis.

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