Monday, 18 April 2011


By George Galloway on Apr 18, 11 06:33 AM in

The weekend began with the portentous news headline "Gaddafi is using cluster bombs against his own people."

Leave aside the odd idea that it is more reprehensible to use cluster bombs against your own people than those of other countries.

Leave aside, too, the strange lack of any evidence - say a bit of video footage or even a camera-phone photograph to back this claim up (like the total absence for so many other claims, such as African or eastern European mercenaries thickening the ranks of the Libyan army).

Just deal with this. Britain used cluster bombs in the former Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and the British military establishment fought tooth and nail against the late Princess Diana's campaign to ban them on the grounds that they were in effect just another form of landmine.

The United States STILL use cluster bombs on all manner of people and refuse to join the ban. Israel, too.

And don't even get me started on our best friends, the Saudis.

The US dropped an ocean of chemical weapons on the people of Vietnam, the horrible genetic effects of which can still be seen in Vietnamese labour wards today.

Both Britain and the US have fired depleted uranium weapons on Iraq over the last 20 years. And I've seen with my own eyes the resultant epidemic of childhood cancers and birth defects which they produced.

If Gaddafi did use cluster bombs against anyone at all, I condemn it. The difference between me and the Nato lie machine is, I have a right to.

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