Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hacking the phones of relatives of dead soldiers ain’t that bad.

The media frenzy over the NotW’s crimes is serving the ‘respectable’ media very well. They are reacting with ‘horror’ that bereaved relatives’ phones have been hacked. But they themselves have participated in an infinitely greater crime: they colluded in causing the deaths of those soldiers in the first place (and in the death and misery of millions of foreigners); they chose not to challenge government lies and spin (e.g. 'WMD') and instead joined the chorus of warmongers (The Observer, for example, is particularly notable in this respect).

There is actually a good public-interest case to be made for hacking bereaved relatives’ phones:

The problem is that the words of bereaved relatives are only ever given exposure when they serve the official narrative – government/media like to hear from relatives when those relatives’ words ‘celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of our boys in a noble cause’.

The public interest in hacking phones could be in revealing messages such as: ‘I’m so angry. I told Jonny he mustn’t sign-up. I told him they would make him waste his life in some pointless war. ‘Told-you-so’ is an awful feeling when you’ve lost your son.’

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