Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The rape accusations against Assange cannot be taken seriously.

There would be no rape accusations against Assange if certain countries (e.g. America) did not regard his Wikileaks project as highly politically subversive.

One indicator of the veracity of that hypothesis is the fact that, originally, Assange approached the Swedish authorities himself (when he was in Sweden - a couple of years ago, I think) with regard to these accusations because he wanted to clear his name before leaving (for England, I think).

At that time, Sweden showed no interest in inviting him to stay (or detaining him) for that purpose (i.e. to examine the 'case'); indeed, the relevant Swedish judge at the time dismissed the accusations as being too flimsy to stand up in court.

Only later did Sweden feel sufficient pressure from America to decide suddenly that, actually, Assange did have a case to answer after all.

Sweden has exposed its new political colours, i.e. subservience to the US, very recently. In all previous years, Sweden has always voted in favour of pro-Palestinian UN resolutions, along with the vast majority of nations, and against the tiny minority of anti-Palestinian voters (primarily America and Israel). But this year, for the first time, it decided to vote *with* the US.

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