Saturday, 30 June 2012

Flooding (again) in north England and bushfires in Colorado: global warming?

Caroline Spelman on BBC News just now, referring to the flooding in Gateshead: “increasing frequency of freak weather events”

This seems a blatant government admission of the danger of manmade global warming.

Isn’t this going to make the public wonder, then, why climate change isn’t a higher governmental priority?

The cost of this incident alone will be massive, e.g. clean-up.

Presumably, insurance companies are hiking the price of premiums as they too (implicitly) recognise the reality of global warming.

Isn’t the public’s experience of increasingly expensive home insurance alerting them to the urgency of global warming?

Despite its destruction of society, doesn’t the corporate sector’s focus on the bottom-line at least reveal to us the truth about the dangers we face. For example, no insurance companies are prepared to offer cover to nuclear power stations, and, presumably, they’re increasingly not prepared to offer affordable home insurance.

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