Monday, 2 July 2012

Monbiot: the narcissism shines through - "I", "I", "I", "my"

Monbiot: I don't like raising problems when I cannot see a solution. But right now I'm not sure how I can look my children in the eyes.

His conceit is amusing. He thinks that he is raising this problem (of 'not peak oil'); he thinks that he (a mere journalist, not a scientist, engineer, economist or politician) would be amongst those to see a solution.

He doesn't like having to tell us such unpleasant truths, but he does so because he is a good parent to not only his own children, but to us, his readers, too.

Monbiot is such a prima donna: touchingly mentioning his beloved children at the melodramatic conclusion to this piece, demonstrating what a heroic father-on-a-mission he is.

Monbiot persistently gives hints about his true nature and motivations: he needs to see himself, and needs others to see him, as a person of significance.

Owen Jones hinted at this weakness/conceit too: his suggestion/fear that if one is not seen in mainstream media, then one is ‘irrelevant’.

I’ve never had much time or patience for the Buddhist stuff that comes out of ML, but it is apparently relevant in this instance: If I recall rightly, David Edwards recently cited some words about how true happiness and inner-peace only comes when you stop seeking to be someone. And this is why fulfilment persistently eludes celebs, because, however big a ‘someone’ they become, they are always acutely aware of what a ‘nobody’ they are compared to other celebs. And that’s what mainstream journos are to a large extent: celebs.

I think this also helps explain the reaction to Assange. I have been continually puzzled by the line that so many journos spout: ‘Assange is just seeking attention’ (e.g. when he runs to the Ecuador Embassy). I thought, ‘How’s he seeking attention? He has no control over whether people choose to talk about his ‘antics’. If he is indeed just an attention-seeking little twit, then why write about him at all? You’re giving him attention; he’s not extracting it from you.’

Now I think I understand that line of theirs: they’re projecting their own mindset onto him. They themselves are always seeking attention, so they presume that that is what he’s doing too.

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