Saturday, 29 September 2012

Graphic illustration of the hypocrisy in the pursuit of Assange.

The difference in the ‘Rochdale-sex-ring’ vs ‘MathsTeacher+pupil’ stories is just like the hypocrisy in the pursuit of Assange.

There is now some degree of backlash against state authorities, particularly the police, and the corporate media who propagandise for the state, regarding the story about the maths teacher who ran off (to France) with his teenage pupil.

It is actually only of concern to those involved: parents, the girl, the teacher, and the police, who have a small part to play, e.g. putting out missing persons alerts. Child protection is a relatively minor concern here. The extent to which this girl is a victim (or ‘victim’) is piffling compared to the victims of the Rochdale gang and their police collaborators.

In stark contrast, the police had a massive part to play in the Rochdale-sex-ring case. They systematically, deliberately failed to do so. The police’s lack of interest was reflected by the media’s lack of interest – in allegations coming from people of no value, i.e. working-class ‘sluts’.

The feminist, Bea Campbell, is one person who has spoken about this horrific double-standard (paraphrasing): the maths-teacher+pupil story is a salacious gossip story that rocks the calm conservative world of the middle classes; the Rochdale story is about people of no interest – working-class girls.

If ‘child protection’ were really the primary concern of the police and media, this story (maths teacher) would certainly not be headline news; and the Rochdale ring would have been pursued aggressively instead of being ignored.

And this is precisely what genuine feminists are arguing about the Assange affair:

We know that justice and women’s rights cannot be the motivating factors because, similarly, (even if the allegations are true – big ‘if’) the extent to which the women involved are victims (or ‘victims’) is piffling compared to other victims where Swedish, British and American authorities and media deliberately choose not to expend even a tiny fraction of the energy they expend on pursuing Assange; or deliberately choose to bury the issues/stories.

The pursuit of Assange is transparently about politics, not ‘justice and women’s rights’.

Women fight long hard battles over sex crimes and women’s rights. They fight for Rochdale girls to be free from abuse. They are not fighting for grown women to be free of from the attentions of a meek man like Assange, whose ‘crime’, at worst, is that he has the all the panache of an awkward teenager when it comes to wooing the opposite sex. The Guardianista brand ‘feminists’ who join the baying herd are the real abusers: abusing feminism because, for some reason (serious self-examination might reveal why), there’s something about Assange that they cannot stomach.

They’re not whores; but they are presstitutes.


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