Monday, 10 September 2012

Paralympics: China absolutely slaughtered the rest of the world.

The Paralympics medal table is very surprising: China’s medal tally is miles ahead of everyone.

Given the massive size of China’s lead, it’s very striking that there has been zero mention of China’s success in the media.

Moreover, I personally also find China’s success surprising for this reason:

I have this impression of China as being nothing more than a hugely successful factory; and that, in contrast, whilst Britain is relatively inefficient and uncompetitive, ours is at least a comparatively humane society, where the disabled are not so readily marginalised due to their perceived low productivity potential.

After all, over here, we celebrate perhaps the world’s most disabled major academic (Stephen Hawking) – can’t imagine the Chinese doing that.

I imagine communism as a rational efficient system because, in principle at least, wealth is evenly distributed making for an efficient-running machine (just as an engine runs better if the lubricating oil is evenly distributed amongst the working parts).

- an efficient system, but not necessarily a humane one because:

My knowledge of China includes: they discard undesirable humans; for example, they discard female babies. If that’s their attitude to healthy babies (of the wrong sex), surely they can’t have much time for the disabled.

It’s also very surprising that America barely made it into the top five.

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