Wednesday, 22 May 2013

'The Big Bang Theory', and 'The Hawking Problem'.

Do you watch 'The Big Bang Theory'? What do you think? (How will they handle 'The Hawking Problem'?)

The characters are all highly intelligent, highly accomplished scientists.

Moreover, they discuss a very wide range of topics, well beyond physics, e.g. biology, history.

The question that fascinates me is: how long can they keep making episodes without ever having the characters chat politics or climate change? Their continued avoidance of those subjects looks increasingly incongruous, given how wide-ranging their conversations are.

Also, here's a real humdinger ...

Stephen Hawking is a favourite recurring character/topic for them. Indeed, he was the main theme of finale episode (May 2013) of the latest season (season 6).

But now, Hawking is equally?/more? famous for his political output as his physics output.

CBS is a New York-based corporation, i.e. at the heart of Jewish-lobby America. Has Hawking breached the bounds of acceptable speech such that he will disappear from the sitcom's universe of discourse?

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