Saturday, 1 February 2014

'Tough Young Teachers', and British Education Idiocy.

In the last episode of Tough Young Teachers, we saw that the one who had been shining (outshining the others) so far, Nicholas Church, the maths teacher, was now beginning to struggle with pupil behaviour in much the same way as the others.

Indeed, he wholeheartedly agreed with Meryl Noronah’s remark to him: “Welcome to my world.”

And, like her, he too was now stressing out about observations and feedback from senior “leaders” (i.e. wankers).

One reason why this breed ('senior leaders') of ‘educators’ are wankers is because they are oblivious of their own incompetence and hypocrisy.

On the one hand:

In their backseat driver capacity (and anyone can be a backseat driver – that’s why the label is one of contempt), they pontificate to teachers that they should employ strategies to better ‘engage’ pupils, which amounts to ‘be more of a children’s entertainer (a la Johnny Ball) than a mere teacher of pupils.’

And young inexperienced teachers take this advice seriously. Thus, Nicholas Church gutsily attempted some game in which pupils had to choose correct answers from laminated tiles he had placed on the floor.

Of course, the task was pure bullshit (as at least one pupil pointed out), not least because it’s far more sensible simply to use pen and paper (than photocopying, laminating, floor-space and needless wandering of pupils around the classroom). But to his credit, and because he is still too young and na├»ve to recognise the idiocy that dominates British education culture, Mr Church was bravely trying to embrace and implement conventional ‘wisdom’ (i.e. idiocy).

Then the Deputy Head Wanker took him apart – enunciating (speculating, actually, because he does not actually know anything) how it would have worked seamlessly had he done it the way he was now advising.

We have seen quite a lot of this Deputy Head Wanker and his ilk (e.g. the Head Wanker) by now, indulging their fetish for ‘observing and advising’, i.e. poncing with clipboards followed by fatuous speculating about alternative imagined scenarios.

And on the other hand:

This shameless breed of narcissists never offer to demonstrate the outstanding teaching that they perpetually beseech others to attain - making them cowards as well as hypocrites. And they never describe multiple past lessons of their own which were judged ‘outstanding’ and explain what their classroom practices were that enabled those lessons to be qualified as such.

It was recently confirmed, again, (by the latest PISA tables) that Britain is performing miserably compared to many countries, e.g. East European, Scandinavian, Far Eastern.

The reason why is simple: the idiotic culture that pervades British Education.

The East Europeans (e.g. Poles), Scandinavians (e.g. Finns) and Orientals (e.g. Singaporeans) are not obsessed with attempting to inject children’s entertainment into the curriculum; and they treat teaching as a very straightforward process rather than pretending that it is highly skilled with ‘outstanding’ practitioners who are fit to advise others on mastering this delicate craft.


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