Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jeremy Bowen carefully steers viewers' attention away from Israel's lies.

Jeremy Bowen: "When Israel says they're responding for attacks on their civilians, so Hamas is responsbile, no Palestinian listens."

It is crytal clear to Bowen that it's not a case that no Palestinian "listens" to Israel but that no Palestinian believes Israel.

This is crystal clear because, just seconds earlier in his report, a Palestinian is making that clear (disbelieving Israel because he has listened but does not believe).

Since this must be clear to Bowen, it raises the question of how/why Bowen deliberately distorts Palestinians' disbelief of Israel into an unwillingness to listen.

This distortion requires significant skill; it's not something a journalist can do accidentally. Bowen's motive is clearly not to raise the question of why would Palestinians not believe Israel because that would raise the question, Does Israel lie?

So Bowen's journalistic practice in this instance is one of mendacity - carefully steering viewers away from the crux issue (Israel's lies).


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