Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Trump v Clinton

If I can stay awake, then I am going to watch the final Trump v Clinton debate (0130 tonight). Missed all the previous ones.

This presidential contest is quite intriguing because it's entirely unprecedented (is my understanding).

I've seen clips from the last one and 'debate' is a complete misnomer. It's just a slanging match. It feels very much like watching a fall-out between housemates in BigBrother!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Russia's (superior?) military capability

There has been increasing discussion about possible direct military confrontation between America and Russia, particularly an air war.

That sparked my curiosity so, in an idle moment, I browsed info about fighter jets.

I was amazed to discover that, out of the top ten fighter jets, Russia possesses more of those models than America (including the top two spots).

(Of course that may depend on what website you look at and what metrics they apply; but I'm pretty sure that that conclusion applies pretty objectively because I scanned several sites.)

I'm very used to thinking of Russian technology as primitive compared to American.

And this, incidentally, reminds me of that Clint Eastwood film from the eighties, 'Firefox'.

- where American agent Eastwood's character is tasked with stealing the super-advanced 'Firefox' Russian fighter from the Russia.

That film has always puzzled me in this respect:

On the surface, it's a celebration of American derring-do: Eastwood sneaks into Russia and manages to steal the fighter from right under their noses.

But, at the age I was then, I was particularly aware that Russian technology was a joke. So it was then, and continues now, to be puzzling why a successful act of theft should be seen as more impressive than someone else's (Russia's) triumph in producing something that you would covet in the first place.