Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why isn't *everyone* most concerned (like Corbyn) about the least vulnerable in society?

I don't think Corbyn is very skilled, e.g. cleverness, oratory, tactics.

I think his electoral success just boils down to his transparency and his 'simple' values, which simply concur with the vast majority of humans, e.g. such (bland) principles as 'fairness' and prioritising the needs of the most vulnerable (because that could be your own mum or you yourself tomorrow).

Corbyn sticks out like a sore thumb in the House. Almost no one else there is 'simple' like him.They are all preoccupied with manoeuvring and positioning themselves, and they are all self-serving. They are completely detached from the simple values of Corbyn and the public. This was strikingly illustrated today: they overwhelmingly voted not to take Chilcot's report to its logical conclusion and hold Blair to account, whereas any poll of the public produces the diametric opposite result.

I referred to the simple "human" values of Corbyn and the vast majority of the public, which implies that our politicians are (as a group) mutants.

And that seems spot-on to me: just listen to the weird convoluted way they (double-)speak.

How is it that an overwhelming majority of humans can allow a tiny minority of dangerous mutants to rule and ruin their lives?

Perhaps there's something deep in the human collective psyche that fears freedom and actually wants dictatorship (by the elite) because that's less effort than creating your own destiny.

(It's late, I'm tired, and I'm just thinking/rambling out loud. There must be scholars out there who have considered these questions properly. Any feedback/references welcome.)